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Mr.Light Mr.Plus, an E-Commerce portal states here its policy relating to privacy. All through this policy, the word “you” will refer to the person submitting any data to us or our site.

Your suggestions or comments will be acknowledged, so you can forward them to us at info@mrlightglobal.com.

We consider your privacy to be important, as information security is a matter of trust. As such, we’ll use your personal information, as outlined here in this privacy policy. We collect information from you, only if it is necessary for our dealings with you. Also we’ll retain the information only till it is significant for the actual purpose or as illustrated by law.

Your personal details are not required for your visiting or browsing the site. It is necessary only when you register with us, until that you stay unidentified.




In order to process your purchase on the site, we collect, store and process your information. The data we collect may include your name, gender, email id, postal address, contact number, payment and card details or your bank account details.

For the purpose of placing an order with us this information is essential. It may be obligatory to process your payment and for the delivery of the product. Also it is required for us to contact you wherever necessary, for instance to inform you about the dispatch of your product.

To carry out your delivery process, it may be required that we pass on your details to a third party like our couriers or suppliers. We may also share your details with our franchisor and thereby, you authorize them to sell their products to you, either directly or indirectly.

Your data may be utilized in instances of site management, payment and your usage of the site, fraud/site abuse detection, contact and inquiries.

We require that you submit to us or the site, the information which is valid and accurate, so that it doesn’t mislead us to some unintended persons. Also if there are some modifications in the information you provide us, it is essential that you inform us and keep your data with us up-to-date.

To access your order details, you should log into your account on our site. You can view the record details of your orders that have been completed, those which are open and also those which are to be dispatched shortly. Also you can administer your address and bank details. Here you can check and modify details pertaining to the newsletters to which you have subscribed. The responsibility of treating your personal access data confidentially is accredited to you and you may not reveal it to any unauthorized third parties. We don’t hold any liability for the misuse of passwords, unless the mistake lies within our margin.

We declare that we never share your personal information with third parties without your prior explicit consent. Your personal data will not be sold or rented to third parties for marketing purpose from our side, without your explicit consent. Your information will be used as described here in the privacy policy. As we consider you and the information you provide as a vital asset, we view security and confidentiality as important and primary criteria. Hence we store and process your information on computers highly protected with efficient security algorithms.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal data to any third party that lodges a legal request for the disclosure of the information.




Our payment services are properly standardized and authorized to check and control fraudulent payments. We hail suitable payment services, and our policies pertaining to credit card check and fraud prevention are associated to these companies. Any dispute involved will be dealt by legal courts at Tirupur.




Your personal information may be used for opinion and market research purposes. Mr.Light Mr.Plus uses your information for statistical purpose alone and your personal details remain unidentified. If you prefer to opt out of this, you may do so when you desire. When Mr.Light Mr.Plus requests you to complete any survey or opinion forms, it will not be disclosed to any third parties. If you would like to take part in competitions, it may be required to disclose your email details. Your answers to the surveys or opinions will be stored separately without including your email details.

 We may also dispatch newsletters or sales promotions, relating to our group or other business partners. If you prefer not to receive any of this supplementary dispatches, you may use the unsubscribe link embedded in the mail that we send you. We will thereon stop sending you such details, within 7 working days (working days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and Government holidays) of receipt of your unsubscribe request. But, if we find your request to be unclear, we may contact you for clarification.

To assess the site usage and various other aspects relating to the site, we may sometimes use generalized data about the users and may supply it to third parties. On the other hand, your personal data won’t be revealed and you remain anonymous.




To notify and advertise our offers, we may use your information, if you enroll for a competition or contest with us. More details will be presented in the terms and conditions for that particular contest.




To notify and advertise our offers, we may use your information, if you enroll for a competition or contest with us. More details will be presented in the terms and conditions for that particular contest.

We hail the right to pass on your information to the associated companies in our group. Our agent and subcontractors may also receive your data, if at all we sought for any assistance from them. This may include the instances where we require to deliver the product to you, assess the validity of the payment details and collect payment from you, or to assess and evaluate the marketing strategies.

If we happen to sell our business or part of it, we may be required to transfer our database holding your personal data to the buying party. Unless it is required legally by law, we shall not sell or rent your information at any occasion to any third parties without obtaining your prior consent, other than those mentioned in this privacy policy.

There may be links provided to other sites or frames of other sites for advertisement purposes. We don’t hold any responsibility towards the privacy policy or content of those third party sites. Also the privacy practices of the third party to whom we transfer your data, doesn’t have any binding with us.




To visit Mr.Light Mr.Plus site, you won’t be required to accept the cookies. Nevertheless, we state that some functionalities and ordering is possible only on the activation of cookies. Cookies are stored in your computer by your browser that enables our server to recognize your computer as a unique user. Cookies help to identify your IP address and are used solely for your convenience in using the site and any other information about you won’t be obtained. Setting your browser to not accept cookies will limit the site usage. The usage of our cookies is free from viruses and we don’t extract any private information about you. Visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org to learn more about cookies.




We have taken ample concern in protecting and preserving the security of your private details. Therein, we have incorporated proper technical security procedures to avoid unauthorized access to your information. Also measures have been implemented to prevent any accidental loss and/or destruction/damage to your information. Our servers that collect your data are secured and use firewalls, thereby rendering protection to your data. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding, your payment and card details are efficiently encrypted, making it difficult to hack into your bank account. Hence we strongly suggest you not to send your complete card details in any of the electronic communication with us, rather than the place we request it for. Our information collection, storage and processing procedures are robust, and it may happen sometimes that we request proof against your access of personal information. Regarding the protection against your computer and password, the responsibility is exclusively yours and we can’t be held responsible for any unauthorized illegal access of the same.




Hereby you consent to the data usage illustrated in this privacy policy, by submitting the personal data to us or to our site.




Mr.Light Mr.Plus holds the copyright for this privacy policy, restricting the usage by third parties for commercial purposes is not allowed. Violation and intrusions will be grounded to legal action.

Note: Mr.Light Mr.Plus may change this privacy policy at any time, without notifications and it is up to the user to update with it. We don’t stand any liability to update the user regarding the modifications made to the privacy policy.

For any issues with your privacy, write to us at info@mrlightglobal.com.


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